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Eighth Avenue 487, New York
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table of the best Thai dishes from Nour Thai Kitchen

Our Menu:

A Celebration of Thai Food 

At Nour Thai Kitchen, we offer a wide range of dishes that cater to every palate. Our menu is a perfect blend of traditional recipes passed down through generations and contemporary twists that add a unique flair. From spicy Tom Yum soup, spicy Thai curries, healthy Thai meals, and vegan Thai food options. Each dish is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of  the Isaan region in Thailand, prepared with the freshest ingredients and authentic spices.

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Unapologetically Thai


We work hard to take you on a culinary journey at Nour Thai Kitchen, where the essence of Isaan style food and the sophistication of traditional Thai dishes come together. Our restaurant is a sanctuary for those who cherish authentic Thai cuisine, offering a diverse menu that caters to all – from spicy Thai dishes to vegan Thai food lovers in South Florida.

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a plate of nam prik ong pork relish with veggies and rice
handcrafted Chor Muang
Edric Espinoza
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Unapologetically Thai


At Nour Thai Kitchen, we believe the soul of authentic Thai cuisine lies in its ingredients. Our commitment to freshness and quality is unwavering, as we meticulously craft each dish with in-house made components that bring the true flavors of Thailand to your plate. From in-house made curry pastes, dumplings, and sauces.

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mortar and pestle with a side dish of red curry paste


Thai Food Delivery:

Authentic Flavors at Your Doorstep

Craving Thai food near you? Nour Thai Kitchen offers convenient Thai food delivery services, ensuring that you can enjoy our delicious meals from the comfort of your home.

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Take out container with Pad Kee Mao and spring roll lunch special
Monday - Wednesday


Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we invite you to indulge in our 1/2 OFF specials.

  • Singha: A Taste of Thailand – Discover the crisp and refreshing notes of Thailand’s premier beer.
  • Modelo Especial: A Mexican Marvel – Savor the rich, full-flavored taste of one of Mexico’s finest.
  • Modelo Negra: Dark & Distinctive – Delve into the deep, caramelized flavors of this exceptional dark beer.
  • Sapporo: Japan’s Finest – Experience the smooth, clean finish of Japan’s oldest beer brand.
Singha Beer bottle and cup of beer on table
Monday - Wednesday


Step into the world of Nour Thai Kitchen, where we turn ordinary evenings into extraordinary experiences. Join us every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for our exclusive offer: 1/2 OFF our entire selection of exquisite wine bottles. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, Nour Thai Kitchen is your perfect retreat for indulging in the finest wines.

Wine Collection: Global Elegance in Every Bottle – Explore our curated selection of wines from around the world, each with its unique story and flavor profile.

banner of wine glasses promoting 1/2 OFF special Monday through Wednesday
Trained In Isaan Home-cooked Authentic Thai Cuisine

Our Chef

Our kitchen is led by experienced chefs who have mastered the art of Thai cuisine. With years of experience and a passion for Thai cooking, they ensure that every dish is a masterpiece of taste and presentation.

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Variety of Thai dishes displayed on a table


A Thai Oasis in the Heart of the City

Step into Nour Thai Kitchen and be transported to a Thai oasis. Our restaurant’s decor is a harmonious blend of traditional Thai aesthetics and modern design, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Whether it’s a casual dinner, a special occasion, or a business meeting, our ambiance sets the perfect mood for an unforgettable dining experience.

View of the restaurant from under a hand made tree inside the restaurant
a plate of pad mee korat
view facing hand painted mural of Naga Scales wall from under hand made tree inside Nour Thai Kitchen
Unapologetically Thai


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